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How to change a long reference list into 2 columns编辑

Sorry, this is probably a very basic question, but I can't figure out how to put my citations list into columns. I tried replacing the "reflist" by "Reflist|30em" but received an error message that the code was an act of destruction. I had copied the code from a wiki page which had over a hundred citations in 2 columns and thought it should work for mine (with only 55 citations). Obviously a beginner here, sorry again for the trouble.--Izumi2009留言) 2023年2月14日 (二) 05:42 (UTC)回复[回复]

Hi, @Izumi2009. Replacing {{reflist}} with {{reflist|30em}} is the correct usage, but you can't make this edit due to an abuse filter prohibits new users from modifying values in order to prevent vandalism. You can make this edit after you become an autoconfirmed user (accounts at least 7 days old and have made at least 50 edits), you can also tell me which article you want to edit and I can do that for you.--BlackShadowG Slava Ukraini! 2023年2月14日 (二) 09:00 (UTC)回复[回复]
Thank you very much for the explanation and for your kind offer! It seems another user has already made the change, so the problem is solved now. Apologies also for the late reply, I now know where to check my messages ><--Izumi2009留言) 2023年3月3日 (五) 18:28 (UTC)回复[回复]

Enabling Section Translation: a new mobile translation experience编辑

How to make collapsible tables work on mobile phones?编辑

Hi @BlackShadowG, I've made a collapsible table which works fine on PC, but the function seems to have disappeared entirely when viewing the page on my phone. It's a really long table and I was hoping to have it collapsed by default so it wouldn't clutter the look of the page unnecessarily. At the moment, I'm just using class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed". Is there a way to make collapsible tables work on phone view?--Izumi2009留言) 2023年3月18日 (六) 03:59 (UTC)回复[回复]

Needing help with interface message translation编辑

Hi, I need to translate "Are you sure you want to rollback this edit?" into Simplified Chinese, but I've been having a hard time to find someone who can help me with this. Any help would be appreciated. --Dragoniez留言) 2023年3月22日 (三) 21:07 (UTC)回复[回复]

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