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中国语版の记事において误訳が见つかったため、订正をお愿いします。新东名高速道路清水いはらインターチェンジの记事名で“いはら”の汉字が间违っています。“いはら”は庵原郡が语源ですので“清水井原IC”ではなく“清水庵原IC”とするべきです。--留言2016年1月2日 (六) 08:23 (UTC)

ありがとうございます、订正をしました。 --cyblocker留言2016年1月21日 (四) 07:47 (UTC)

Looking for someone speaking English, please...


On 刘之纲 there is a mistake on Birth/death dates... I do not know who it is, but birth cannot be after death... I'm trying to fix it on wikidata.

Could someone please check, and please contact me on wikidata User talk:Hsarrazin - thanks a lot --Hsarrazin留言2016年1月25日 (一) 19:39 (UTC)

Fixed.--风中的刀剑留言2016年1月26日 (二) 06:10 (UTC)
Thanks a lot, and for the message on wikidata too :) --Hsarrazin留言2016年1月26日 (二) 07:04 (UTC)

Use of G13

@FRDian: @Nbfreeh: @Kuailong : I would like to have a discussion of G13 on here if you don't mind (several user profiles say that the users have some fluency of English, so if you don't mind I will use English). This was the deleted article:

"In April 2015, in Rowland Heights California, six Chinese persons assaulted two Chinese girls. 2015年3月加州罗兰岗六个中国人霸道两个中国女孩。 (Date: 2015年3月)(place: 加州罗兰岗)(subject: 六个中国人)(verb: 霸道)(object: 两个中国女孩)

California juries imprisoned all of the criminals (perpetrators) 加州陪审团监禁都犯罪者们。 (subject: 加州陪审团)(verb: 监禁)(object: 都犯罪者们)

The adult perpetrators were Yuhan "Coco" Yang, Xinlei "John" Zhang, and Yunyao "Helen" Zhai. 成人犯罪者们是杨玉涵(Coco Yang)、章鑫磊(John Zhang)和翟芸瑶(Helen Zhai)。" (subject: 成人犯罪者们) (are 是) (three names)

Do you understand this article? If not, what is not understood about it? Isn't G13 is supposed to be used when the text is unreadable?

Wikipedia:G13 reads: "G13. 明显、拙劣的机器翻译。 使用模板d|G13或d|mt。" - Essentially that it is a botched machine translation. However I do not put whole English sentences in Google translate to get Chinese sentences. I "hand-write" them in a (Date)(place)(subject)(verb)(object) order.

My purpose of these is to make simple, basic "stubs" that a native speaker can use to expand into a full article. I know my Chinese isn't that great, but I feel that there needs to be as much effort to make stubs on these subjects as possible. Mainland Chinese authorities block the Chinese Wikipedia, preventing the development of many articles related to the Mainland. I've written stub articles on here before, and to encounter G13 over and over again now when I haven't before is very frustrating. I would like to find out how to overcome G13. WhisperToMe留言2016年3月13日 (日) 08:30 (UTC)

Word by word translation does not work, you should know that if you are bilingual. And no, your article is not readable. --Kuailong 2016年3月13日 (日) 08:41 (UTC)
The right/responsible way to do this is to write articles in Draft namespace or your sandbox and let others double check before moving to the main namespace. I'm not interested in teaching Chinese but someone might be.--Kuailong 2016年3月13日 (日) 08:45 (UTC)
@Kuailong: A user from Malaysia (User:Cerevisae) rewrote my sentence: "2015年4月,有六位中国人在加州罗兰岗殴打两位中国女孩。 加州陪审团监禁所有的罪犯(肇事者)。 成人罪犯有杨玉涵(Coco Yang)、章鑫磊(John Zhang)和翟芸瑶(Helen Zhai)。" - I'll submit it again soon.
I am aware that things won't translate "straight" if you are dealing with idioms, figures of speech, metaphors, etc. I suppose what is frustrating on my end is that Chinese grammar is supposed to be "easy" - the same word order as English and without tenses. In sample sentences the textbooks for English speakers basic sentences are constructed generally using that word order. The night I wrote the stub I didn't have the usual Chinese but I used a dictionary, http://mdbg.net - It specified multiple translations for the word "assault" for example and it doesn't have sample sentences.
Yes, it is a good idea to submit that I have previously submitted short stub articles into the mainspace, and they survived and/or expanded. I'm not accustomed to doing so as I've submitted multiple stub articles in the mainspace over several years. It feels like a "downgrade" so to speak. I had an expectation that I could construct a basic Wikipedia stub that could be easily proofread/expanded.
WhisperToMe留言2016年3月14日 (一) 17:51 (UTC)
I might sound too harsh here, but the stubs you wrote before are of poor quality as well and sadly the reason they survived is probably because we are short-staffed and you have auto-patrol flag. Don't be over-confident in your translation method. I still strongly recommend you to write in your sandbox and have someone who actually speak the language to review before moving to the main namespace. An article needs to be at least grammatically correct and understandable when you submit it. --Kuailong 2016年3月14日 (一) 21:52 (UTC)
User:WhisperToMe/XXXX is this stub fine? @User:KuailongWhisperToMe留言2016年3月15日 (二) 05:58 (UTC)
User:WhisperToMe/XXXX is this stub fine? It was proofread by a user from Malaysia... @NbfreehWhisperToMe留言2016年3月17日 (四) 07:09 (UTC)
I agree with the viewpoint of Kuailong.I can not understand those sentences such as “2015年3月加州罗兰岗六个中国人霸道两个中国女孩。”“加州陪审团监禁都犯罪者们。”--Nbfreeh 2016年3月13日 (日) 09:19 (UTC)
Nobody knows if you put sentences into Google Trans or not. Sentences like “2015年3月加州罗兰岗六个中国人霸道两个中国女孩。”“加州陪审团监禁都犯罪者们。” are not readable. #ForeverLove(给我留言)凡人丶 你一定要好好的 不想让自己用户页被删除的办法 2016年3月13日 (日) 12:28 (UTC)

Remained lang links at local-wikis

At first excuse me I wrote on english. please some one translate this text.

Hi, there are many lang-links (interwikis) at local wikis which aren't removed. for finding them you should type insource:/\[\[xxx:/ (xxx is langlink like en,fr, de, fa,...) at local wiki search box like below:

At en.wikipedia


At fr.wikipedia

most of these local pages have interwiki-conflict and should be solved by human.

for bot

if you have bot at local wiki, you can run this code to remove interwikis of without-conflict pages (you should bot-permission at wikidata and localwiki):

#This command will check and remove interwikis from en.wikipedia's pages which have fr: links
python pywikibot/pwb.py interwikidata -clean -langs:en -lang:en "-search:insource:/\[\[fr:/"
#Only categories
python pywikibot/pwb.py interwikidata -clean -langs:en -lang:en "-search:category:insource:/\[\[fr:/"

Yamaha5留言2016年3月17日 (四) 06:43 (UTC)

3818 \[\[zh: links in en wiki [1]
729 \[\[[a-z][a-z]: links in zh wiki [2] --Panintelize(talk-contrib)药理学 专题经济学专题 2016年3月18日 (五) 16:16 (UTC)

About Zumbi page

Hi Antigng

I did translation of the page about Zumbi by myself. This is not translated by using any translation machine! Shaolinmaculele留言2016年3月27日 (日) 15:33 (UTC)

@Shaolinmaculele:, The translation was so bad that I can hardly understand what was the article's topic . --Antigng留言2016年3月27日 (日) 15:45 (UTC)
@Antigng:, I don't think so. What's the problem is. Mention it clearly and precisely. Not just say that you can hardly understand. I will report to Wikipedia. Shaolinmaculele留言2016年3月28日 (一) 02:24 (UTC)

Copyright Infringement and Privacy


As an IP User, what should I do about a User repeatedly putting Copyright Infringing if not right out Privacy links to YouTube and webpages unpunished.

Not more than a day ago, this was posted a third time. https://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%E9%BE%8D%E5%8A%8D%E7%AC%99&diff=39866954&oldid=39858538

There have been no English responses or actions from non-Chinese speakers since the report of said SPAMMY to the authority months ago.

"Twinkle" is what I myself understand to be the tool to stop such criminal action. Same User has not been subjected to such obviously for reasons beyond my understanding.

https://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%E9%BE%8D%E5%8A%8D%E7%AC%99&action=edit&undoafter=39867019&undo=39867106 Posting again just minutes ago.留言2016年4月22日 (五) 17:29 (UTC)

May you please post the username,such that it can be clarified in a better way? It is impossible to investigate without that. Thanks for editing the Chinese Wiki.--|1233 | | Questions? 2016年4月23日 (六) 08:12 (UTC)
Update: I have warned Him. Thanks for the Contribution.--|1233 | Questions? | 2016年4月23日 (六) 08:20 (UTC)

Translation needed

Hello, can someone translate the following titles into proper English? Thank you!

  1. 快乐就这么简单
  2. 烦恼都是自找的
  3. 放下是舍更是得

--Komischn留言2016年4月29日 (五) 11:24 (UTC)

Buttons in Japanese and Korean

I think the guestbook should have buttons in Japanese and Korean since those are common foreign languages seen in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia (presumably Taiwan and Singapore as well) WhisperToMe留言2016年4月15日 (五) 20:55 (UTC)

Japanese added! One is still needed in Korean. WhisperToMe留言2016年5月7日 (六) 05:30 (UTC)
Korean done too! WhisperToMe留言2016年5月9日 (一) 04:52 (UTC)

José Manuel Rodrigues Page

Dear Chinese Wikipedia users, the page I created on José Manuel Rodrigues was removed and is now waiting to be jugded, if I understand it correctly. I now discovered however that I should have used Traditional Chinese instead so this might well be the reason the page was removed.

This is the new code I have written. Is this acceptable code to create the new page, please? And if not, could you please help me to improve it, or teach me how to improved it, please? José Manuel Rodrigues has worked in Macao multiple times so I would really like the people in China to be able to learn more about him.

Thank you so very much! Kind regards, Anne.

—以上未签名的留言由Anneketanneketoverheks对话贡献)于2016年5月7日 (六) 02:40‎ (UTC+8)加入。

See CSD G13. "Obvious, rough machine translation." This has nothing to do with the Mandarin variant you are using. --Artoria2e5 更改·工具 2016年5月18日 (三) 02:28 (UTC)


百度百科当中的文章有版权的吗?我看不出有什么侵权问题呢,谢谢! Edts留言2016年6月9日 (四) 21:28 (UTC)

To @Edts:: Please check WP:BAIDU. Poem留言2016年6月9日 (四) 22:26 (UTC)


Hello all.
I’m not sure if that is the right place: If not, please move it to the right place.
There will be two PGP-/GPG-key-signing-parties at the Wikimania. One will be at Thursday (during the preconference), the other will be at Saturday – both at 17:30. The goal of the parties is to strengthen the connections between the different languages of Wikipedia. So if you have a key, please add yourself to the list (to make our organizing easier) and come to one of the parties; you can of course also come without adding yourself to the list. --DaB.留言2016年6月12日 (日) 22:19 (UTC)

Wiki Loves Earth Biosphere Reserves


I'm sorry to write this in English. Wiki Loves Earth has partnered with UNESCO to create [www.wikilovesearth.org Wiki Loves Earth Biosphere Reserves], a photography competition to create free to use images of Biosphere Reserves around the world on Wikimedia Commons. Its an opportunity for people in 120 countries around the world to take part. You can find out more and upload your photographs

We would love to get as many people involved as possible so I'm looking for people to translate the project pages for the project into other languages. You can provide translations here

Many thanks

John Cummings留言2016年6月15日 (三) 14:42 (UTC)

What is going on with this article since May 22?



edit (rm, 未经筛选的资料收集及宣传内容)标签:delete、参考文献语法错误或被移除、内容被大量删除

I was in the middle of expanding this article and may have to make adjustments to meet the tone requirement.

Please let me know:

1. which part of the artilce is wrong in tone?

2. which part of the article is promotional?

3. which part of the article is "未经筛选的资料收集" and the actually meaning for this description? Thanks.留言) 2016年6月14日 (二) 18:15 (UTC)I can find no explanation from for removing updates and expansion in article 龙剑笙 and keeping it "Unreferenced". That begs the question if it is Wikipedia policy to keep informtion out of circulation beyond reasons.留言2016年6月24日 (五) 17:13 (UTC)

文文横帘蛤 & 沟纹巴非蛤

Hello! These two articles, 文文横帘蛤 & 沟纹巴非蛤, appear to be about the same species of mollusc (Paphia exarata), so they should probably be merged. Also, the accepted name is Paphia philippiana: [3] (沟纹巴非蛤 (Q13997646)). Regards, Korg留言2016年6月18日 (六) 19:25 (UTC)

Done.--YFdyh000留言2016年6月18日 (六) 21:58 (UTC)
Thank you! Korg留言2016年6月25日 (六) 18:02 (UTC)

Discussion being preferred in Chinese

@Naughty Jeffrey: Does this apply even to one-on-one correspondence on a talk page? If there is a user who has a good command of English I generally prefer to do one-on-one discussion in English even on Wikis of other languages (Spanish, French, German, etc.) - On wider discussions (say an article talk page) I understand it's best to try to get a Chinese translation of what you're saying. WhisperToMe留言2016年7月12日 (二) 13:58 (UTC)

Request portals

Hello everyone. I'm not sure if that is the right place: If not, please move it to the right place. Could someone please create the portals about Lusophone countries and territories that do not exist in Chinese Wikipedia, like: pt:Portal:Portugal (葡萄牙)?

These portals:

Greetings from the Portuguese community. Athena in Wonderland留言2016年6月30日 (四) 03:25 (UTC)

I am better in English.

@Athena in Wonderland: For Chinese Wikipedia some Lusophone countries/regions are frequently concerned or to interest to some editors, thus having their own portal pages. Except Portugal, for some Lusophone nations/regions above they are somehow unpopular to set up their own portal pages, and some are actually served as a part of a greater region (e.g. Mozambique is served by the African Portal, Timor-Leste served by the SE Asian Portal). Though there is technically no limits on creation of such portal pages (and some kids there are going to make it happen), but I believe that too many portals are actually hard to maintain and contribute to decline of bigger portals (if that place is under one before its own portal is created). Based on this view, I prefer to withhold this issue. PS. This can be the right place, feel free to express there. Or you can try the Village pump (with subsections), but some community members complained that it is often plagued by factional infighting. --春卷柯南-发前人所未知 ( ) 2016年7月29日 (五) 12:06 (UTC)

@Athena in Wonderland:I am interested in many African countries including those mentioned above. If there is an activity which encourages editors to write on such topics, I will consider to take part in it, and then establish such portals after more articles are created. Thanks for your idea, --CarrotkitWN需要您 2016年7月29日 (五) 15:14 (UTC)

help in posting a request for comment


I'd like to post the following topic - requesting for comments on a new search feature. When I add it into this page: https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:%E4%BA%92%E5%8A%A9%E5%AE%A2%E6%A0%88/%E5%85%B6%E4%BB%96 it gives me an error.

Please help by either posting it or by telling me how to post it.

Thank you!

DTankersley (WMF)留言2016年9月7日 (三) 17:29 (UTC)

 完成 Special:Diff/41419803--Antigng留言2016年9月8日 (四) 01:52 (UTC)




感谢您抽空阅读。DTankersley (WMF)留言2016年9月7日 (三) 17:29 (UTC)

@DTankersley (WMF): Excuse me. These sentences looks like machine translation that is a little hard to understand. Could you provide the original writing, and let me help to translate it?--Reke留言2016年9月9日 (五) 07:06 (UTC)
Hi - here is the text:

The Discovery Search Team wants to enable search results that will include articles across all wiki projects – within the same language. We'd like your feedback on the specifics of how this new functionality might work, and feedback or alternative ideas for the possible design options. Thank you for your time.

The actual request page can be found here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:DTankersley_(WMF)/translation_request_for_cross-wiki_search_results if that helps. I agree that somewhere in my changing this page to English to post this, it's changing my original wording. I'm not sure how to change or fix that. Thanks for your help! DTankersley (WMF)留言2016年9月9日 (五) 13:40 (UTC)

I'll put this edition on the page later.--Reke留言2016年9月10日 (六) 12:57 (UTC)

Really informative blog article.Really thank you! Want more. dbfgkdabffdageec


Can someone please translate the little hint i gave here [4] to Modern Chinese, and add it to the article's talk page or another appropriate place? Your Template:更新 has no option to add such explanations, and the hint was removed [5], so now there is no reason visible what has to be updated, or why. (the name/organization changed from 莱布尼茨学会 to 亥姆霍兹联合会 etc). Holger1959留言2016年11月23日 (三) 07:50 (UTC)
PS: In the past i posted to talk pages myself, see Talk:布伦湖 (a good solution there, i think), but now i was given a warning that communication in English is generally not welcome here. And i was told that i should "provide a translation of the comments" myself – a rather illogical suggestion: to ask an explicit non-Chinese speaker to translate something into Chinese ;) Holger1959留言2016年11月23日 (三) 08:27 (UTC)

seems to be fixed, thank you 浅蓝雪! Holger1959留言2016年11月29日 (二) 02:50 (UTC)

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