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Marina Tchebourkina

Bonjour, J'ai besoin de l'aide pour améliorer l'article "Marina Tchebourkina". Le brouillon a été mis ici : https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Marina_Tchebourkina . Merci par avance ! --1996Paris留言2017年1月10日 (二) 14:45 (UTC)

Wiki Speaks Your Language


Hello all and sorry for writing this message in English. It is my pleasure to inform you about the launch of the Wiki Speaks Your Language initiative with the goal of enriching the Wikimedia projects with freely licenced audio (and video) files documenting spoken examples of every language, language variety and dialect in the world.

The idea originates from the curiosity of many readers viewing language articles not only to read about the language but also to hear how does it sound. In most of the cases, our language articles lack such files and readers usually end up searching videos on YouTube, notwithstanding that we have the capacity as a movement and the resources to meet their wish.

The initiative lists three possible ways of acquiring the freely licenced audio (and video) files: 1) by adapting existing audio and video files on Wikimedia Commons (mostly from the Spoken Wikipedia projects), 2) by liberating existing audio and video files from the repositories of GLAM and educational institutions, and 3) by engaging Wikimedia communities, GLAM and educational institutions in the recording of new audio and video files.

In the first phase of the initiative, the easiest way to start is by working with the resources we already have and therefore my proposal and kind request to the Chinese Wikipedia community is to get involved in adapting existing videos from the 有声维基百科专题. There are some useful tips on what the existing files should be adapted to. The adapted files should be categorised under "Category:Wiki Speaks Chinese" and added to the list of languages.

Best regards.--Kiril Simeonovski留言2017年1月13日 (五) 14:08 (UTC)

Rainbow Ruby in PRC

I found some interesting pages in Chinese about Rainbow Ruby (彩虹宝宝), a multinational co-production which involves a company in PRC. I threw a question at en:Wikipedia talk:WikiProject China, and now I kinda can figure out what they are all about:

  • [1]: The show won an award that was held at the Shenzhen Gameshow 2015
  • [2]: The show got an approval from PRC government to release domestic animated production
  • [3], [4]: The show was named as one of the projects that promote core values of socialism. An exhibition was held about the projects that won.
  • [5]: The show was named as "Excellent Programmes Recommended for Broadcasting"

So, I want to add something in the en:Rainbow Ruby article (at the English Wikipedia) based on the sources above, but I need help from the experts in mainland's animation industry and in mainland's politics to get all the things correct. Especially, I want to be precise and careful about the core values project thing, so anyone reading the article cannot be mistaken about it (like 'Oh noes! Rainbow Ruby is used as a socialist/communist-whatever in China!').

Additionally, I think two articles are needed to be created (as a translation of 社会主义核心价值体系 and 社会主义核心价值观) at the English Wikipedia for some context.

By the way, is there anyone in Taiwan going to add more translated character names and voice performers as in the Taiwanese Mandarin version of Rainbow Ruby? --留言2017年1月21日 (六) 06:28 (UTC)

P.S.: Note that all the Rainbow Ruby episodes are actually written by Canadian staff members. I think they will be like "What the heck is going on!" if they learn about the core values thing.

For that, when you are going to write a passage about the show's core values nomination, detailed explanation about 弘扬社会主义核心价值观动漫扶持计划, including the plan's history, must be added, I think. --留言2017年1月22日 (日) 09:27 (UTC)

Well, I'll begin with less or not-so controversial ones, like the show receiving entertainment awards. --留言2017年2月8日 (三) 11:26 (UTC)

Request 1


Could you create the article en:Theatre in Azerbaijan in Chinese Wikipedia?

Thank you.留言2017年2月16日 (四) 10:29 (UTC)

Request 2


Could you create a long and detailed article en:Culture of Azerbaijan in Chinese Wikipedia?

Thank you.留言2017年2月16日 (四) 12:51 (UTC)


我所编辑的内容被删了,也被禁止编辑。可是没存在任何广告成分!请开通 12BET 页面!谢谢—以上未签名的留言由Kentmarketing对话贡献)于2017年3月6日 (一) 04:11 (UTC)加入。

Please be notified that this page is for non-chinese Speakers. For help in Chinese, please go to Village Pump
请注意,此页面只是供非中文的交流用。如果你能阅读中文而有问题,请到互助客栈求助。--1233|联系我 2017年3月6日 (一) 04:11 (UTC)

please rename A·洛朗 to the Chinese equivalent of Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent

See the English Wikipedia article about him for more information. The Minor Planet Center lists discoverers of asteroids by their surname and initials, so they formerly listed his name as "A. Laurent" because his first name was unknown and "A." was used as a placeholder. However, his name is now known and the Minor Planet Center lists him as "J. J. P. Laurent". However Wikipedia uses full names, so here his article should be renamed to the Chinese equivalent of Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent. -- P.T. Aufrette留言2017年3月12日 (日) 08:05 (UTC)

@P.T. Aufrette: I've made a request at WP:VPD (correspond to WP:EA in enwp) for you. --砜中嘌呤的白磷萃取 打谱 2017年3月12日 (日) 08:15 (UTC)
Thanks, maybe I got confused about where to post. -- P.T. Aufrette留言2017年3月12日 (日) 08:16 (UTC)
Here is for non-Chinese users so there's nothing wrong. --砜中嘌呤的白磷萃取 打谱 2017年3月12日 (日) 08:19 (UTC)
 完成 by User:Yinweichen. --E8×E812017年3月13日 (一) 01:10 (UTC)

Off topic question

Hi, greetings from Brazil! I have an off topic question, so sorry if this is not the correct place to to ask it or is even an invasive question. Why do you choose Wikipedia instead of Hudong Baike, Baidu Baike and Soso Baike, and why chinese Wikipedia is so smaller compared with them? Thanks and Sorry for any inconvenience --Hume42留言2017年3月12日 (日) 15:47 (UTC)

First of all I would recommend you re-posting this to 维基百科:互助客栈/其他, which is an equivalent to en:Wikipedia:Village_pump_(miscellaneous). In order to respond to your question - a simple answer could be that all three of the examples given are China-based, for-profit websites with tons of ads and pirated contents, in addition to the lack of neutrality, comparing to the non-profit, internationally-oriented philosophy of Wikipedia. The community here in Chinese Wikipedia is smaller due to a variety of factors, the most important one among which is the Internet cencorship that prevents Chinese users from accessing the site. Kou Dou 2017年3月13日 (一) 01:03 (UTC)
@Kou Dou: Thank you very much for the answer, I see now why Wikipedia is smaller and knowing this fact I respect much more the Chinese Wikipedia community. I'm absolutely in love with the main page of zh.Wiki and I think is the best main page of all Wikipedias. Unfortunely I don't speak nothing of chinese/mandarin, but Chinese Wikipedia motivate me to learn it. About re-posting in the local Miscellaneous Village Pump, you answered it well and I don't have any more questions, but if is appropriate relocate it, you can do so. Have a nice day and I wish you a good work here in zh.Wiki. --Hume42留言2017年3月13日 (一) 04:02 (UTC)
@Hume42:I'm glad to see that my answer helps. Please feel free to leave further messages here or on my talk page if there is anything we can help you with. Thank you for the kind words and good luck with what you are going to contribute to our community as well! Kou Dou 2017年3月13日 (一) 04:14 (UTC)

Cross-wiki fake article

@SilverSpeech: article has been nominated for speedy deletion. Thank you for pointing this out.Dargaseatcs 2017年5月19日 (五) 04:47 (UTC)
Speedy deleted. --砜中嘌呤的白磷萃取 打谱 2017年5月19日 (五) 05:10 (UTC)
(:)回应 Thank you for speedy reply and deletion! --SilverSpeech留言2017年5月19日 (五) 07:36 (UTC)

Need assistance for a feedback translation


I need some help about this feedback. The translation tools are not helpful at all.

Thanks! :) Trizek (WMF)留言2017年6月20日 (二) 14:23 (UTC)

Hi Trizek, the feedback has been translated to English, below:
  1. The feature of redirecting does not work in the way as it is in articles. E.g., if you search for UK, you will be redirected to "United Kingdom", while there will be a note at the top left corner: (Redirected from UK). When you click on the "UK", you are able to access the original redirect page instead of the target page. Flow does not allow you to do this.
  2. If there is no argument/parameter specified in {{Documentation}}, Flow would not automatically refer to /doc subpage.
  3. Variable modules put into the description/content section does not work. Solution: empty the content and add the same thing to it. (For this sentence, I am not able to fully understand the original text either. Help from anyone else would be appreciated)
  4. Wiki codes put into the description/content section would appear with unnecessary "nowikis". (As reflected in the second line of the original text) No solution available, unless you have time to delete them one by one.
  5. The Simplified Chinese-Traditional Chinese conversion does not always work in the description/content section. Example: Topic:Tr7cqxmh2gozko4n
  6. You can't add categories to topics in Flow. Example: Topic:Tpy3eq9k8ml3teiq.
  7. You can't directly reply to a paragraph if it is at the bottom of the topic. (Once again, the original text sounds a bit ambiguous)
These are only preliminary translations and may need to be further corrected by users more familiar with the system. Thank you for your concerns.Kou Dou 2017年6月20日 (二) 23:42 (UTC)
Thank you very much, Kou Dou. It is very helpful! Trizek (WMF)留言2017年6月21日 (三) 08:15 (UTC)

Need translation to post notification about interwiki search results

Hello. I would like a translator please to post the below to either 维基百科:互助客栈/其他 or 维基百科:互助客栈/消息.

Hello. For notification, the search results from the following sister projects—维基导游, 维基新闻, 维基教科书, 维基语录, 维基词典, 维基文库, and multimedia results from 维基共享资源are now implemented and live. Simply type either "中国" or "台湾/台湾", and you'll see the results. Neither 维基物种 nor 维基数据 is included at the moment, but including the search results from those projects are considered. Pages from 维基学院 don't appear in the results because Chinese 维基学院 does not exist yet. You may go to meta:Requests for new languages/Wikiversity Chinese to vote on Chinese 维基学院. Meanwhile, please feel free to share your thoughts. You may propose which sister project to include or exclude. Thank you.

I will appreciate your help if you please. Thanks. --George Ho留言2017年6月26日 (一) 20:03 (UTC)

Amended draft in light of further research. --George Ho留言2017年6月26日 (一) 20:13 (UTC)

Pinging Hongqilim and 1233. --George Ho留言2017年6月27日 (二) 22:16 (UTC)

re: 衡力斯律师事务所 page


I was the creator and editors of the page 衡力斯律师事务所,please remove all those necessary speed delete or edit issue box, I do not need those. Thanks.

user:jonnycheng —以上未加入日期时间的留言是于2017年7月20日 (四) 16:42 (UTC)之前加入的。

  1. You can delete them yourselves just by clicking 编辑源代码 hotkey and you'll know how to work on it.--隔雨听竹留言2017年7月21日 (五) 09:46 (UTC)



Greetings Mandophones 🀄📣,

I am a collector of 方孔钱, and I’ve written and expanded several articles on this subject and subjects related to this in English and Dutch, see w:en:Ryukyuan mon, w:nl:Riukiuaanse mon, w:en:Yuan dynasty coinage, w:en:Liao dynasty coinage, w:nl:Geschiedenis van Chinees muntgeld tijdens de Zuidelijke Song-dynastie, w:nl:Vietnamese văn, w:nl:Koreaanse mun and w:nl:Geschiedenis van Chinees muntgeld tijdens de Qing-dynastie. As these subjects are all inspired by Chinese culture and that thousands of these coins are dug up on a regular basis it would be no surprise that the majority of the literature 📚 and information 🛈 available on these subjects would be in Mandarin-Chinese and other Oriental languages (in my own language 㗂越 we have articles like w:vi:Tiền tệ Đại Việt thời Trần and w:vi:Tiền tệ Việt Nam thời Nguyễn simply because a lot has been written ✍🏻 on those subjects in our own language), and for that reason I come here to ask if there are people that share this interest with me, I am familiar with articles for individual coins here such as 永乐通宝, 开元通宝, and 大定通宝 and I applaud their existence, however the coverage can be better and there is still a lot of information 🛈 on these subjects that is missing. For example I’ve written the Dutch version of the article 半两, and plan on making one for 五铢, but I’m afraid that the Dutch versions might become larger while there is so much Mandarin-Chinese literature on these subjects.

If anyone else here is just as interested in these subjects as I am feel free to borrow information from other languages or just find books 📚 that you can’t get outside of China (Mainland/Taiwan) that cover a lot of these subjects, the most reliable works we have on these subjects outside of China are from people like Vladimir Belyaev (the Russian Federation), Gary Ashkenazy (the United States of America), and David Hartill (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and almost all of their works are translations of Chinese sources or based on earlier translations. It would be of great benefit if the articles covering these subjects on this wiki will be expanded greatly they might “expand over” to other wiki’s (many of which were already added here by Baomi who is also very active on Wikimedia Commons), this is how I plan on adding more information 🛈 from Vietnamese Wikipedia to Dutch Wikipedia and hope that if information 🛈 is added here that it will be made available in many more languages, something I’ve noticed is that there barely seems to be information about the coins of the Yuan Dynasty (元朝) here or even the Liao Dynasty and Western Xia Dynasty as the majority of information on the Khitan and Tangut histories have been written about in Chinese languages.

Another very important thing is that Wikimedia Commons is missing a lot of pictures 📷 of these coins so if anyone owns these coins or lives near a museum that has them, then feel free to upload them to Wikimedia Commons. 😉

I hope that someone interested in these subjects will read this. 🤑

Sent from my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile 📱. -- 征国单  (讨论 🀄) (方孔钱 💴) 2017年11月7日 (二) 11:03 (UTC)

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